Dialing-In Exposure On The Fuji G617

Dialing-In Exposure On The Fuji G617

Early days yet, as I have just got the first 9 films back from the lab – but this was the first test frame I shot with the G617 Panoramic camera before Christmas.


The metered exposure based on an ambient light reading on my Sekonic was 1/8 sec at f/22 – ISO50 (Velvia)

The G617 is fitted with a center 2X ND filter to even-out exposure over the area of the frame, and this is a 1-stop ND center grad.

So ‘correct’ exposure should be 1/4 sec f/22 (One stop open from metered to account for the ND filter)

This test frame was exposed at 1/8 sec f/22 – as part of a bracketed set – but it’s the first frame I’ve scanned, so wanted to give people a look-see.

Looking at the histogram during scanning on an Epson V700, you can see how under exposed the frame was.


But even in this underexposed state, I recovered the above image from the film with scanning software and post processing in Photoshop and NIK.

So it’s looking really encouraging

But the files are HUGE! I need to look at the PPI on the scanning side, as 3200 PPI is insanely large

I think 2400 PPI will probably be a better resolution moving forward – I’m probably not gaining anything by stretching to 3200, although I have to say that the Velvia has amazingly small grain.

Here’s frame #2 – one stop exposure comp to account for the Center ND filter – 1/4 sec @ f/22


The histogram on the scanner looks much healthier


The final processed image is cleaner – this is a better EV for this camera for sure.

Here’s the third exposure at +2EV – 1/2 sec @ f/22


And here’s the histogram from the scanner


You’ll note better use of the dynamic range.

Interesting how the color cast changes with exposure – maybe a feature of the density of the Velvia and ability to scan given different levels of exposure.

Here’s a shot taken after spot metering the sky using the Sekonic.

Spot metering at f/22 was 1/15 sec for the brightest part of the scene

So using the Zone Method – we open up two stops from there to set that area as the brightest part of an image (Zone 5 moving to Zone 7)

So this would indicate an exposure of f/22 at 1/4 sec

One stop more for the 2X ND Filter would be 1/2 sec – Two Stops would be 1 sec

This is 1 sec at f/22 – ISO 50


I’m using f/22 to get some DOF – and using the hyper focal distance to set the focus on the fixed lens to get the max DOF in focus. In this case I set the focus at approx 10m, so everything from 4.5m to infinity should be in focus.

More of my G617 images on Flickr here: