EVF for the win!

EVF for the win!

Now I’ve used the Fuji EVFs for a few years, and specifically the X-T1 EVF since February, I can’t see me ever going back to an OVF only camera.

Never ever thought I’d say that – in fact, the idea of loosing my OVF nearly stopped me from going Fuji mirror less – I hedged my bets with the X100, and then X-Pro1 – keeping an OVF lifeline open, just in case…

Here we are a few years down the track, and I NEVER use the OVFs on the Fuji’s.

So why the change of heart?

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The shot above is a prime example of why I love the Fuji EVF.

The lighting is a single window, upper camera left, with a white reflector, camera right.

The floor is painted black, the walls are black, the model is wearing grey and black, and has light skin.

An exposure nightmare!

Back in the day, I would have had to bracket exposures, in order to guarantee to get a clean shot, with good dynamic range, and clean highlights.

With the X-T1, I can see the exposure live – WYSIWYG – and a quick flick of the EC dial guarantees I get the shot I expected.

Every time!

This is a game changer…

Strongly backlit subject – no problem.

I can see the subjects level of exposure in the EVF, wind-up my EC dial until she looks perfect, and shoot away, knowing I’ve got the shot.


Super bright highlights from directional illumination – no problem.

I can see the highlights from the skylight illumination on the model’s face, and adjust my EC to ensure detail is retained, and the skin isn’t blown out.

The excellent dynamic range from the X-Trans does the rest – RAW files from the X-T1 are noise free and very easy to post process into client pleasing images.


Low light levels 20 mins after sunset – no problem.

The EVF adjusts for the low light levels, and still provides accurate exposure estimation in tricky lighting.

Far superior to guessing with an OVF – it’s like having color night vision with the Fuji EVF.


High contrast scenes – such as ‘sun in frame’ comps where you need to judge exposure for the foreground subject – no problem.


I can see the model in the EVF, and adjust the EC until her skin tone looks right – even in extreme lighting conditions.


Is the EVF perfect?

No such thing – the EVF lag when shooting high frame rate sequences would kill this camera for pro sports use.

But for my work – this EVF is a game changer – a real unique advantage – something that steps up my game, and would stop me from ver picking up my Canon 5DII for work.


So Fuji – hats off for the X-T1 EVF – keep up the R&D – and sell the heck out of this thing.

You have a winning feature already – you just need to tell everyone about it!