Fuji 56mm f/1.2 First Thoughts

Fuji 56mm f/1.2 First Thoughts

The build quality looks great – the same quality as the latest lenses, with a nice smooth numbered aperture ring.

The lens hood is plastic, and fit for purpose, but nothing special – The Canon 85mm f/1.2 has plastic hood and costs twice the price of the 56mm, so maybe I’m being picky.

It has the usual clip on lens cap – I keep mine in a drawer.

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The optics are huge compared to other X lenses – lots of light gathering glass at the front end – gorgeous to look at.

The filter size is 62mm, the same as the 23mm – so that’s a plus – well done Fuji!

The lens feels good mounted on the X-T1 – It will feel even better with the grip I think.

Focus speed – not the fastest – more like the 35mm than the 23mm – again it reminds me of my Canon 85mm which wasn’t a snappy focus machine.

If you’re all about the fastest focusing lenses, this one will annoy you – accuracy seemed good in my first tests.

My guess would be, like the 35mm, Fuji went for IQ over AF speed.

I’ll do more testing and comparisons later.

IQ – lovely creamy bokeh

Agave at f/1.2 (With 4 stop ND filter)

At f/1.2 the DOF is razor thin, and the OOF areas a smooth and refer really nicely

Circles of confusion look nice and round at f/1.2 – fuji did their homework on the aperture blade shaping – very pleasing bokeh

Contrast and color are excellent

You can easily see the shallow plane of focus above – the lens was wide open at f/1.2 with a 4 stop ND filter fitted to keep the shutter speed in range for the X-T1.

Even when the background in close to the subject, you can achieve excellent separation and background blurring.

Subject isolation is impressive РNote: the close focus distance is larger than the other X series primes, so  close-up work can be rather challenging.

Stopped down to f/8 the lens is crisp and sharp

Agave at f/8

AF missed focus a few times shooting against bright light – I’ll have to take a look at that ‘feature’.

So far, super impressed with the IQ, will make an excellent portrait lens I think.

Model shoot booked for Saturday, so I’ll look to test it out.

I’ll add all of my 56mm shots to THIS SET on Flickr