Fuji VG-XT1 Grip

Fuji VG-XT1 Grip

The X-T1 is a self contained camera, but it does have a couple of options for additional hand grips, the larger of the two being the VG-XT1 vertical battery grip.

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The grip has the same fit and finish as the camera, and attaches via a built-in knurled  knob which threads into the camera’s tripod bush.

The grip has a set of control suit-in for portrait shooting, and a 2nd battery slot, so needs a multi-connector to communicate with the camera. The camera’s connectors are hidden under a small rubber plug, and the plug has a little recess in the grip to keep it safe, so you don’t loose it.

The side of the grip has a battery door, ready for the standard NP-W126 battery. This battery takes priority over the one in the camera, so will be used first, before the in-camera battery gets depleted.

The battery door locks in place, and has a push-out which I believe will be used for the optional external power feed. (Useful for long-term interval timer photography).

The grip features a separate shutter release for portrait shooting – and a full set of dials and controls. Studio shooters will love this feature, it’s just what you need for fast, fuss free shooting.

The tripod bush is also centrally located with the grip – nice one Fuji!

The final combination looks great, is very functional, and for me, really makes the camera.

Grip height is 1.5″

Depth is 1.3″at body to 1.75″ at base

Width is 5″

Grip weight is 150g empty, 217g with battery loaded

Here’s the X-T1 and grip vs the X-Pro1 with ‘Arca Swiss’ Grip – for a size comparison