Hands-On MHG-XPRO Grip

Hands-On MHG-XPRO Grip

The new Fuji MHG-XPRO grip has just arrived for my X-Pro1, so I’ve done a quick comparison with the original Fuji grip, and illustrated how the new grip works with the camera.

The original grip on the X-Pro1 – note that I had to support the camera to stop it tipping forward and resting on the lens/hood.

The original grip fixes in place with a D-Ring, has a central tripod bush, but needs to be removed to access the battery/SD card. It does have a non-slip rubber material on the base, which is absent from the new model.

The new grip comes with an allen key to attach it to the camera body via the captured screw thread. The finish is a hard black paint finish over metal. Fit and finish are good, and the grip feels solid, but not heavy.

Here are the new and old grip side by side. The finger grip sections appear identical.

Fitting to the camera takes a few seconds, using the supplied allen key – the fit is excellent.

If you do need/want to use a standard tripod screw mount, the centrally mounted thread is a standard tripod mount – I screwed in a mounting plate from a Manfrotto tripod to test this.

When fitted to the X-Pro1, the camera now sits flat to the table, and does not tip forward. The rubber non slip surface is not included on this model, so time will tell if this causes any issues.

Access to the battery/SD Card compartment is easy – and I am finally able to use a grip without having to remove it every time I want to change a battery or remove an SD card!

The new grip has the Arca-Swiss style mount built-in, and fitted directly to my Induro head. It has a handy center-point marker on the rear for accurate alignment.

Once the head was tightened, the camera was securely clamped in place, but could be moved or removed in seconds. I no longer have to use a separate base plate to attach my X-Pro1 to my tripod head, and this is an excellent upgrade.

All in all a very nice grip – much more of an engineered solution, and something which should really have been supplied day one. Not cheap, but it’s so useful that I can easily justify the cost.