Here are a selection of photography related websites which I enjoy:


35MMC – 35mmc is a Blog Dedicated to 35mm Compact Cameras. From vintage manual focus cameras to auto focus point and shoots and everything in between. – run by my good friend Hamish. Well worth  read.



RPF – Real Photographers Forum is photography forum for people to discuss photography as a hobby or profession with like minded people. We are a community based site where all our members are invited to discuss anything and everything to do with photography in a polite and friendly manner. We believe everyone can learn something from anyone no matter how long they have been a photographer.




NCPS – North Coast Photographic Services – this is where I get all my dev and print work done. Great people, very responsive, and they take great pride in their work. A top-notch pro lab.



Mark Denton – A master of the Panoramic format