Mission Bay Twilight

Mission Bay Twilight

Mission Bay Twilight by cdodkin
Mission Bay Twilight, a photo by cdodkin on Flickr.

Twilight at low tide at Mission Bay – Fuji X-Pro1 with 23mm Lens

ISO 200 f/8 long exposure with -2/3EV

This is a shot I’ve been after for a while.

I spotted the location from the freeway, and then used TPE software to calculate when would be a good time of year to shoot a sunset/twilight image.

I set the X-Pro1 up on a solid tripod, and used f/8 on the 23mm lens in order to get maximum resolution with good depth of field.

I locked ISO at 200 in order to maintain as low an image noise as possible – and adjusted the exposure using the exposure compensation dial – I think this shot is -2/3EV

I find this is necessary on twilight shots in order to maintain black shadows – otherwise the camera metering tries to lift the dark areas a touch too much.

I moved the AF point over the treelike in the image center to ensure that was the sharp point of focus – f/8 gave me enough DOF to keep the foreground detail sharp.

Finally, I used the camera’s self timer, set to 2 seconds, to trigger the shot – this avoids any camera shake when using longer exposure times.

The image was converted from RAW using ACR, and processed for sharpness and color using NIK filters.

Other shots from the evening are below: