More Fuji X-T1 JPEGs

More Fuji X-T1 JPEGs

More X-T1 samples from today – all shot JPEG (Fine) as  RAW processing is still not officially available via ACR.

My first battery lasted 311 shots, including lots of chimping, menu peeking, and an extended session of WiFi remote tethering.

I tested the X-T1 shooting from the hip (covert street) and it performed really well – very snappy AF, and super quiet shutter.

I miss the grip of my X-Pro1 when shooting from the waist though – can’t wait to get the grip for the X-T1.

Click on any image for a larger version:

Old Glory

Morning Fog

Coastal Fog

Wet Rock

Flower Market

i Grass

Fish Taco (Shot from the hip)


Spring Flower

Sun and Shadow

Early Spring

Iron Heart

X Marks The Spot

Velvet Twilight

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