More Fun with Face Detection

More Fun with Face Detection

One of the selling’s points for parents (and grandparents) for the X-T1, is the addition of Face Detection auto-focus (FD AF).

Now you can follow the kids and grandkids around, knowing that the camera will find that cute little face, and focus on those wonderful big eyes – while you just worry about keeping them in frame.

It’s a great feature.

I put it to work today with the grandkids – using the 56mm lens at f/2 – so not much depth of field to play with.

You get a green box as soon as a face is detected , and the focus then shifts to the closest eye – the metering also keys on the face as the primary target.

It really does do a wonderful job. (Click on any image for a larger version)

Side Profile – no problem!


Under a hat – no issues


Foot Flossing… well, at least the eyes are in focus!


All shots X-T1 and 56mm Lens @ f/2