Return to North Park

Return to North Park

As promised, I donned my high-viz vest, took my life in my hands, and stood in the middle of the street in the dark the other night.

North Park – San Diego

Fuji G617 Panoramic Camera with Provia 400 ASA Film – 16 sec @ f/22

Exposure was a nightmare – the sign was bright, so metering from that would leave everything else underexposed, the sky was dark, so would metering there would probably have overexposed everything. I ended up spot metering the base of the sign, and then opening up 2 stops and a bit more for reciprocity failure.

Seemed to work out ok, and the 400 ASA is far more suited to this sort of light than my normal Velvia 50 – although I do miss the vibrant Velvia colors.

Here’s the same view taken with Fuji Velvia 50

30 sec @ f/22 from earlier into Twilight