About Me

I love photography – I can thank my father and grandfather for that. They gave me my first twin-lens reflex camera at 7 years old, my first Kodak Instamatic at 10, and my first 8mm cine-camera at 15.
The first thing I bought with my student grant at 18 was a Fuji STX-1 35mm SLR, I was hooked…

At the end of the film era, I was busy shooting pro-studio work on a pair of EOS 5’s, and paying for my new L lens addiction.

I moved to motor-sports as the digital world dawned – quickly adopting a pair of EOS D30s, then the EOS 1D and EOS 1D MKII.

I rode the wave of technology, with Apple providing my digital darkrooms, all the way into the 21st Century.

At the dawn of  mirror less digital, I’ve moved to the Fuji X-T1 and X-Pro1 for 99.9% of my digital work, and Hasselblad and Fuji cameras for my Medium Format film work.

So here we are – Fuji Mirror-Less and a MacBook Pro – the future is just a click away…

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