San Diego Auto Show 2014

San Diego Auto Show 2014

A decent turn-out of manufacturers at this year’s SD Auto Show.

All shots Fuji X-Pro1 – mostly with the excellent 18mm lens, and a couple with the 23mm lens.

I found the 23mm didn’t give me a wide enough FOV for working in the crowd at the show – I couldn’t get far enough back to get the framing on the cars.

The 18mm was just right, and performed well wide open, with Auto ISO set on the camera to cope with the show illumination.

I tried a couple with the 14mm, but the perspective of the ultra wide didn’t work well for autos.

This is a case of the rear LCD being the ideal compositional tool – I could hold the camera out over the rope barriers, high over my head, or down low to the ground, and see the composition on the LCD to get the shot I wanted. I used the on-screen level to ensure things were squared-up correctly.

Previously I’d shot the show with my Canon 5DII, and used the viewfinder – In looking back I can see that my compositions were restricted by this ‘old school style’ of photography.

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