Scripps Pier - La Jolla

Scripps Pier – La Jolla

Sunday evening during the playoff game, the sky started to look really interesting as the sun sank lower over the Pacific, so I decided to head out to the coast, and shoot post-sunset twilight at Scripps Pier.

I checked the tide before I left, and was pleased to see that it was low tide right around sunset – perfect shooting conditions for dry feet.

I took the Fuji G617 Panoramic camera, and shot Velvia 50 ASA film – Metered using a Sekonic spot meter, with exposures set using the zone system, with allowances for reciprocity failure.


I love this view of the pier – it’s like a time travel portal – so surreal in the right light (Note the time traveller by the pillar on the left)

As the light faded, the colors really came out. Many of the photographers on the beach had already packed-up and left, assuming the light show was done.

Scripps Pier

La Jolla Twilight

This was the last shot of the day, and there was just enough light for me to make my way off the beach and head home.

Film processed by NCPS