Shooting Infrared - X-Pro1

Shooting Infrared – X-Pro1

Whilst looking into dark glass (ND Filters) – I came across a number of examples of metering anomalies with the X-Pro1, that suggested to me that this camera was seeing Infrared light, as well as visible light.

This was an exciting revelation. A camera that shoots IR out of the box, without requiring permanent internal filter modifications is a great tool for a whole new field of photography.

One quick way to find to – buy an IR filter, and try it out.

The filter in question is the Hoya R72 – a rather specialist filter designed to block visible light, and allow IR wavelengths above 720 nm to pass through to the sensor.

In practice, The R72 hits 50% transmissivity at 720 nm, just inside the Near Infrared (NIR)

Transmission Curve R72

I screwed it on – set ISO at 400 and the aperture at f8 for some DOF – and put the X-Pro1 on a sturdy tripod.

IR exposures can be long – there’s not much illumination getting through even, on a sunny day!

Here are some initial test shots, post processed into B&W:

Success! :)

You can see that any plant-life goes white – so leaves etc glow in a nice ethereal way – Skies have super contrast, as if you’d used a CPL.

Autofocus seemed to be a non issue for the X-Pro1, as the camera was focussing using the contrast in the image – so issues with different focal lengths for the different wavelength of light do not seem to matter using this system.

The original color files are deep brick red in color – So I set a custom WB setting to give me more neutral color IR shots from the camera -these processed more easily into the B&W shots shown here.

Very exciting stuff – and the good news is the Hoya filters are not expensive.

More Infrared X-Pro1 shots from my Flickr set:

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