Twin Arrows Trading Post - Route 66

Twin Arrows Trading Post – Route 66

Just East of Flagstaff AZ, on the old Route 66 (now Highway 40), is the old Native American trading post / Gas Station of Twin Arrows.

Not quite sure where the name came from…


The arrows are made from old telegraph poles, so you get some idea of how huge they are!

These days the site is abandoned, and looking decidedly in need of some TLC!


It’s challenging to shoot at this time of year, as main buildings face North-West, so get no sun on the front sides at all.

Looking at TPE, May/June looks like the best bet for a revisit – with both sunrise and sunset hitting the front face of the buildings.

The local Native American tribe has just built a new casino across the other side of the freeway, and called it Twin Arrows Casino (original!) – So I hope they spend some of their profits to restore the old gas station, or at least keep the arrows from rotting away.